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12/1/2013 - Posted by joe

For the holidays this year, I'm on mission to give meaningful gifts - especially products that support charitable organizations that I believe in. Below you'll find my favorite finds from around the web. Note that my charitable interests skew towards organizations that empower women around the world, and it's reflected in my gift choices.

I hope your'e inspired to give gifts that give back this year as well!

The Ethiopia Jewelry Collection from Raven ...

11/15/2012 - Posted by ksather

There is a lovely little throw pillow in our house embroidered with the words: "Paris is always a good idea."

It's this quote, and some required work travel (rough, I know!), that inspired my husband and I to visit France this spring. Armed with travel guides from Rick Steves, we ventured from the City of Lights, down to Provence and then Bordeaux.

The majority of our vacation in France was impromptu, from where to stay, what to see a ...

3/15/2012 - Posted by ksather

My hubby received major points this week when he returned from a work trip to Portland with a wonderful gift -- a laptop bag from Queen Bee Creations. This Pacific NW company was founded by Rebecca Pearcy. They produce messenger bags, purses, wallets, diaper bags and a number of accessories in a Portland studio they call "the hive."

My new messenger bag rocks in a number of ways; let me count them:


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